Memorial Pool is currently closed

Swim Lessons:  Registrants are guaranteed 8 days of lessons per 2 week session. Classes are generally Monday-Thursday; make-up dates are scheduled the Friday of the same week class is missed, unless otherwise instructed. Please read your receipt for detailed class days.

Welcome to the new SWIM AMERICA swim program! If you have taken lessons with us previously, this chart may help you decide which class to take. 

2017 Swim America                                   2015 TCRSP                                           
Parent Tot     Polywog 1 & 2 
Station 1(Bubbles)     Beginner 1
Station 2 (Floats & Glides)     Beginner 1 & 2
Station 3 (Kicking)     Beginner 2
Station 4 (Crawl Stroke)     Advanced Beginner                                 
Station 5 (Freestyle)     Intermediate
Stations 6-7(Back, Breast, Fly)       Swimmer
Stations 8-10 (Turns & Stroke Refinement )     Advanced Swimmer     


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